Walking Gaiters

Perfect for walking or hiking, waterproof walking gaiters are a great way to stay dry and protected when conditions turn nasty. Walking or hiking gaiters are small enough to stash in your pack and handy enough to make them a must for every trip.

Neck gaiters are lightweight strips of fabric that can protect your neck from the wind and cold and can often double-up as a hat.

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Walking Gaiters.

Water, dirt, snow and even stones have a way of sneaking into even the most waterproof of boots. To prevent this, put on some walking gaiters to cover the tops of your footwear and bottom of your trousers to fully protect your feet from the elements. Choosing walking gaiters depends primarily on your intended activity and knowing how much you want to spend, then getting the right size.

What is the best height for gaiters?

High Cut Gaiters - these come to the top of the calf, usually around 15" to 18" high and are ideal for wading and walking through thick wet grass, heather or gorse..  High cut gaiters give the best all over coverage against rain, puddles and snow, but are more expensive. However, they offer less ventilation as they cover off more of your leg. 

Low Cut Gaiters these are hiking gaiters that fit at the ankle, usually about 8" to 12" high. These are best for less-than-extreme conditions when you just need to keep trail debris and rain out of your boots.

They are ideal for providing resistance against pebbles and dirt and slip on easily to protect your walking boots. Low cut gaiters are ideal for general day wear on trails and footpaths when there may be a good chance of rain and mud but you aren’t planning to stride out through the undergrowth..

You can also buy walking gaiters specifically compatible with your brand of boot but of course they tend to be more expensive and no longer compatible when you change your boots!

What are they made of?

Walking gaiters were traditionally made from rubber but now there are many synthetic materials that provide great waterproof performance. There are also materials which are breathable, for instance Gore-Tex. 
Walking gaiters also need to be tough, to provide protection without ripping or tearing.

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