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If you’re looking for a bargain you can find some great cheap snowboards for sale here at Action & Adventure.

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Cheap Snowboards for Sale

Buying a snowboard can seem like a daunting task with a multitude of snowboards for sale from companies using a baffling array of jargon and making claims for their products. We’ve set out here a very brief introduction to snowboards to help guide you through the minefield.

Before look at snowboards for sale, you need to have the answer to a few questions: you need to know your weight, height, foot size and riding style as these dictate the stiffness, height, width and shape of the board you buy.
Other things to think about:

What is your riding ability? Are you a beginner (first time or “newbie”), intermediate or advanced. What type of riding style do you intend the board for? The riding style you prefer will help determine the type of board you should buy.

The three most common riding styles are:

All Mountain / Freeride – applies to most riders, a freeride or all-mountain snowboarder utilizes the whole mountain - carving, catching air, all general aspects of snowboarding.

Freestyle (or technical riding) – this is the stuff that impresses onlookers - trick riding. jumps, spins, grabs, jibbing, rail sliding, basically showing off!. Technical freestyle riding is usually found around the half-pipe but freestyle/technical boards can be the best choice for a beginning snowboarder because they tend to be shorter, lighter with more flex and more manoeuvrable and less speed oriented.

Carve/Alpine style -combines speed and deep turns and utilizes everything the mountain has to offer. Alpine riders are continually transitioning from one turn to the next. It is all about high speed and hard carving.

There are a number of specifications to lookout when choosing a snowboard
Length - A good rule of thumb is that the board should stand between your chin and your nose when set on its tail.

Width - width usually depends on your foot size, you need a board wide enough so your heel and toes do not drag in the snow while performing a turn.

Weight - A major factor in choosing the correct board size also has to do with your weight. Riders who are heavy should look for boards that have a stiffer flex. Lighter riders will need a board with a softer flex.

If you consider these points as you browse these cheap snowboards for sale hopefully you can find the right board at a bargain price.