Cheap Snowboard Boots

After choosing a Snowboard, one of the most important considerations is finding boots that are comfortable, secure and perform well. Along with your snowboard bindings, your boots connect your body to your board and allow you to control your snowboard.

However, boots from high street stores can be scarily expensive. We’ve tried here to find a great selection of cheap snowboard boots from leading brands so that you can get great performance at a reasonable price.

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Cheap Snowboarding Boots

There are two basic types of snowboarding boots - soft boots and hard boots.
The majority of snowboarders now wear what are termed “soft” snowboarding boots but if you haven’t tried these before don't expect slippers, they aren't that soft! However, it should be fairly easy to find even cheap snowboarding boots that provide comfort and security as well as the necessary level of control.

Hard snowboard boots

Hard snowboard boots have a solid plastic shell and have clips to adjust the fit, much like traditional ski boots. Hard snowboarding boots are designed for carving and racing and not advisable for day to day “freeriding” and tricks, which is what most riders do most of the time.

So unless you plan to race, soft boots are probably right for you!

Soft snowboarding boots

Even cheap snowboard boots are usually made from leather and canvas with rubber soles, designed to keep your feet dry, warm and connected securely to the snowboard bindings allowing control over your board.

Snowboard Bindings and Boots Combination

A good fit between your boots and bindings are essential for you to have good contol and enjoy your self on your board. These are the different kinds of boot-binding Combination available:

Soft Boots and Strap On/Flow-In Bindings. Any soft snowboarding boots can be used with this system. Freestylers and Freeriders usually prefer this system as it gives more flexibility and maneuverability. This has the added benefit that it is also the most comfortable when you're off your Snowboard.

Soft/Hard Step-In Boots with Step-In Bindings. If you choose step-in bindings for your snowboard you also need to choose step-in boots to go along with them as the systems need to be the same on the boots and bindings. Step In systems make it easy for you to get on and off your board but cheap snowboard boots and bindings often provide less board control.

Hard Boots with Plate/Lever Bindings. These give the most solid and direct control over a board so “freecarvers” prefer this combination as it's best when commiting to high speed turns.

Currently, Soft Boots and Strap Bindings are the norms since they provide a flexible way of adjusting the boots and bindings for a perfect fit, and are most comfortable when not on the board. However, a lot of people still prefer the step-in bindings because of the ease it provides when getting on and off the board.