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Compare prices and specifications of and  a wide rangeof cheap wetsuit sale items and wetsuits for kids, women and men here at Action and Adventure. You can also find more specialised but still cheap triathlon wetsuit sale products so we hope you’ll find the right suit, whatever your need.

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Wetsuit Buyers’ Guide

Wetsuits are generally made from neoprene (like rubber with air in it) which makes them warm and slightly buoyant. They work by trapping a thin layer of water between your body and outside which warms up to the temperature of your body and prevents heat loss.

This allows you to stay in the water longer than you could normally and stay comfortable. How long depends on the actual water temperature, the thickness of the neoprene and the design of the suit. Wetsuits come in a variety of styles and thickness - the most commonly used are either a full suit covering the whole body, legs and arms from the shoulders down or a shortie where the suit is usually short sleeved and ends just above the knee.

The thickness of neoprene used in a suit is measured in millimeters. All good quality neoprene is lined with materials such as titanium which, combined with the air pockets in the neoprene itself, then provide a thermal barrier between the user and the elements. A good quality suit for warmer weather such as summer in the UK or holiday destinations will be a minimum 3mm in thickness and give excellent freedom of movement. For colder weather and water you’ll need a 5mm suit and these are usually butted and blind-stitched to prevent water getting through to your skin and keep you much warmer, for longer.

Basically the colder the environment, the thicker the wetsuit should be. Time in the water is also a factor, especially in colder water. Another important factor to take in to consideration is the actual activity the suit will be used for. If active movement is involved such as surfing, windsurfing etc with a long time in the water then the suit will need to be very flexible and warm. If the suit is intended for general use, messing around in the surf etc, especially for kids then a less specialised suit such as a cheap wetsuit sale item should be fine.

Use of wetsuits for general beach /watersport use has increased dramatically over the last few years as we become more aware of potential sun damage to the skin. Shortie wetsuits are particularly popular for children - offering UV protection as well as prolonging active water play.

As with most things there is no substitute for quality. A thin, cheap suit will offer less warmth or protection and will wear more quickly. The suit may also be more difficult to get in and out of as there may be less 'give' or 'stretch' in it. However you don't have to break the bank to get a quality suit for general use. You’ll find a wide selection of general suits in our cheap wetsuit sale as well as quality, more specialist suits in our triathlon wetsuit sale section.


The suit should feel like a second skin – body hugging, snug but comfortable. The suit will become supple when you are in the water. If the suit is too big folds of neoprene will be evident in the mid section, rear or crotch areas and these will become air pockets or allow cold water in. If the suit is too small it will become uncomfortable and restrict your movement. You should be able to comfortably raise your arms above your head and bend at the waist to touch your toes (or at least your knees).

Care for your wetsuit

Don’t leave a wetsuit in direct sunlight for any length of time. After each use, always rinse it through with fresh water (never use detergents to clean it) and hang it up to dry on a hanger with plenty of ventilation. Always make sure that your suit is thoroughly dry, inside and out, before storing it and it should last you for years.

Here at Action and Adventure we’ve collect a wide selection of cheap wetsuit sale items and wetsuits for kids as well as more specialised but still cheap triathlon wetsuit sale products so we hope you’ll find a suit, whatever your need.