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Welcome to our extensive collection of great quality cheap waterproof jackets, shower-proof and casual jackets. We also have a great selection of cheap ski jackets with – you can grab yourself some real bargains ordering at this time of year. These include waterproof breathable jackets as well as lined and fleece jackets for warmth.

We’ve provided sub-sections for women’s, kid’s and men’s waterproof jackets to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Waterproof Jackets

Whether you are a Sunday dog walker or a serious hiker, staying dry while outdoors is of the highest importance; at Action & Adventure we offer a huge range of cheap waterproof jackets to meet all of your needs.

Water-resistant and Showerproof Jackets

For use in light rain and mild weather a showerproof or water-resistant jacket should be sufficient. A water-resistant jacket has a water repellent finish which will cause rain droplets to roll off the fabric rather than be absorbed into it. However water-resistant fabric is not fully waterproof and without taped seams rain can still leak through where the parts are stitched together.

Fully Waterproof Jackets

Even a cheap waterproof jacket has a waterproof coating or membrane which prevents water penetrating the fabric.  To make a jacket fully waterproof it should have taped seams, which means the seams have been covered or welded to stop water getting through the stitching.


The waterproofing level of fully waterproof jackets is denoted by “hydrostatic head” The hydrostatic head measurements range from 2000mm to 15000mm, the higher the hydrostatic head the longer the fabric will remain waterproof.

Versatile Jackets

The Action & Adventure range of softshell jackets will offer light protection for a more active lifestyle - perfect for running etc. While a 3-in-1 jacket, including a shell and separate inner jacket can’t be beaten for warmth and versatility, if skiing is your passion our cheap ski jackets are for you.

For comfort and freshness you may require a breathable waterproof jacket, this will allow moisture to escape the fabric keeping you dry and cool for longer.

Quality Cheap Ski Jackets

It may seem an unusual time of year to purchase ski wear but now is a great time to buy a cheap ski jacket. Even if you’re not intending to ski or snowboard you’ll find that the combination of performance and comfort provided by a cheap ski jacket may be much better value than a high-street winter jacket.

If you need a ski jacket for next season, a cheap waterproof jacket or you’re just looking for a bargain you’ll find a great choice here.