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We've collected together an extensive selection of the best value products from leading outdoor clothing shops and brands so that you can compare specifiactios and prices.

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Outdoor Clothing Sale

We cater for a wide range outdoor activities at Action & Adventure from leading outdoor clothing shops.  Whether you are an expert in your chosen field or trying something new for the first time you will find everything you need from high spec technical items from some of the best outdoor clothing brands through to the cheap and cheerful basics. 

Our cheap outdoor clothing range includes a huge choice of waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers, base layers and warm wear, accessories and footwear. Fleece lined trousers will keep you warm, travel trousers are lightweight and quick to dry, and zip-offs give you the option of shorts for when the heat picks up.


During the winter months staying warm and protected is of the highest importance. Fleece jackets and tops are perfect in the colder months as they provide warmth without added bulk and unnecessary weight. 

Fleece is made from polyester and varies in thickness, warmth and breathability. The different weights and technical capabilities of fleece jackets and fleece tops mean that the different styles are suitable for a wide range of uses.  

When combined with a base layer and waterproof jacket a fleece makes ideal mid layers. Layering has long been regarded to be the most effective way to stay warm and comfortable during outdoor pursuits such as walking and hiking. 

Micro fleece is the thinnest lightweight fleece available. The benefits of micro fleece are that it is very soft and usually highly breathable. This means that is will help to keep you dry and comfortable while providing a low level of insulation.  

The warmest fleeces available tend to be thicker, denser and extremely warm. They are often a double layer of fleece they may also be wind proof. Fleece jackets can be worn like a soft shell jacket providing the weather is dry, although are still light enough to be worn under your waterproof jacket should you require the warmth.

A good quality fleece will be anti pill meaning the material will not bobble up as it rubs against your other layers while moving. This will ensure that your fleece remains looking like new even after it’s been worn and washed umpteen times.


We’ve got a great selection jackets – soft-shell, padded, gillets, high-visibility and of course, of all kinds of waterproof jackets. We particularly try to offer a great range of jackets for children.

For comfort and freshness you may wish for your waterproof jacket to be breathable, this will allow perspiration to escape the fabric keeping you cool and dry for longer.


Everything here from casual and practical outerwear and base layers to more technical waterproof trousers and ski pants.

Base Layers & Thermals

Base layers are brilliant in cold and warm weather. Designed to help keep your skin dry and keep you comfortable while out and about base layers are an essential piece of cheap outdoor clothing.


We aim to stock a range of footwear that is unbeatable for comfort and value. Our extensive range of men’s, women’s and kid’s boots, shoes and sandals and more vary in price and specification to ensure every need can be met.


We also provide a range of wetsuits, including basic recreational suits for kids to more specialist suits such as specialist triathlon wetsuits.

We offer all the above and more from some of the best outdoor clothing shops in the UK.