Find the best Family Tent

The best family tent should be comfortable and spacious and easily accommodate large groups of campers for extended camping trips. To ensure you have an enjoyable camping experience look for a large living area, enough room to stand up, and flexible sleeping arrangements. Check out and compare some of the best family tents from leading suppliers at Action & Adventure.

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A Tent Perfect for Family Breaks

The best family tent will be designed for a multitude of activities and ideal for sheltered campsites rather than a rugged open top mountain. Family tents are usually ideal for novice campers – they usually have multiple sleeping areas for all the family and integral groundsheets to maximise comfort while making them easier to put up. One word of warning - Family tents are usually expected to be taken by car so tend to be heavier than backpacking tents.
How big do you need?

Some modern family tents are extremely roomy with separate bedrooms and plenty of room for living space and equipment.  Also consider how and where you will be storing all your clothing and gear.  There is a trade-off however. The bigger the space inside, the bigger it is when packed so don’t buy a tent big enough to accommodate the whole street then find that once you’ve packed it in the car there’s no room for people, clothes, etc!

If camping with more than two people a general rule of thumb to ensure you have comfortably enough space, is to choose a tent with a sleeping capacity for two more people than you actually need.

Tent Materials and waterproofing

The ability of a material to shed water is measured by its “hydrostatic head” -
the ability to withstand the pressure of a column of water, measured in millimetres, without allowing any of it to penetrate.

Most tents sold in the UK will have a hydrostatic head of 1,500mm (the minimum  that is required for it to be claimed as waterproof is 800mm). A rating of 2,000mm should cope with most conditions you are likely to encounter camping (even in Britain!).  The best family tent brands may offer more for additional peace of mind.

Any water on the inside of the tent walls is usually condensation, which can be kept to a minimum by keeping the tent well aired so if possible keeps the vents open.

At Action & Adventure we have collected a selection of Family tents in various sizes and prices. Please click on the “View Details” links to see further information and comparison with other tents. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the best family tent at Action & Adventure.