4 Person Tent

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4 Person Tent or 4 Man Tent

A 4 person tent (or 4 man tent) should be designed to house a family of four comfortably during a family camping trip. They are able to pack up into a fairly small, lightweight pack that you can easily stow in the back of a car. They are inevitably larger and heavier than smaller hiking tents so probably not suitable for backpackers.

The design of this type of tent varies, from tents with one communal living area, tents with a separate bedroom area and living area, or tents with two separate bedrooms. If the 4 man tent is for 2 couples to share or children that like their privacy, two separate bedrooms may be better.

Another thing you need to consider is its ease of use. How easy is it to erect? If you need to put your tent up in the rain, you need to put it up as quickly as possible. You wouldn’t want to take you an hour over it. By that time both you and your children will be soaking wet and chilled. Being cold and damp isn't the best way to start a camping holiday.

There are 4 man tents listed here in a wide range of prices. Cheaper tents can be ideal for a one-off festival but if you intend to use it many times it would be wise to spend a little more money to get better quality.

Types of Tents (Tent Buyers Guide continued)

Modern tents are easier than ever to pitch with careful thought going into the design including numbered or coloured poles, sewn-in groundsheets and pre-attached inners. There are few basic designs of tent that can be evolved to cater for larger berths.

Pop up tents

- usually only in smaller sizes. These are very easy to erect requiring little assembly. The poles are so flexible that they can be folded down and packed away while inside the tent. To pitch it you just take it out of the pack and let it pop up! Your tent can be ready to go in seconds. They are also very lightweight, and therefore a favourite for festival goers and backpackers.

Dome tents

- consist of two flexible poles that criss-cross each other at the top and then attach to each corner creating the dome shape. Usually in smaller sizes but there are larger dome tents with separate bedrooms. These tents are usually easy to erect.

Tunnel tents

- consist of a row of poles curving over from one side of the tent to the other creating a tunnel effect. These take a little longer to put up but can accommodate larger, more complex tents for families and groups.

Bell tents and tepees

– traditional designs but there are still modern tents available in this style. Both usually consist of one solid pole in the centre with the skin is attached to the top and draped down and out, held in place by guy ropes and tent pegs.  These are generally more complicated to erect but great for communal camping.