2 Man Tent (or 2 Person Tent)

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2 Man Tent buyer’s guide

A 2 man tent (or 2 person tent) should be designed to house two people comfortably but beware, unless the 2 people are very close you might find that some of these tents are very small for two. If you plan to spend time in the tent and maybe have kit with you that you need to stow, make sure you choose one of the larger tents here or move up to a 3 or 4 man tent

Because of their small size these are a favourite among backpackers and festival goers. They are able to pack up into small, lightweight packs which can easily be attached to a rucksack and carried with ease.

Another thing you need to consider is its ease of use. How simple and easy is it to put up? If you’re in the middle of nowhere and it starts raining, or you’ve just arrived at the festival and the 1st band has already started, you need to put your tent up as quickly as possible, .

The 2 man tents listed here are in a wide range of prices and generally you get what you pay for but even a cheap 2 man tent can be fine depending on what you intend to use it for. The cheaper ones are ideal for festival goers with the understanding that they are unlikely to be looked after and last for ages. If you need to depend on your tent in more extreme conditions and/or you would like it to last, it may be worth investing a little more.

Tent Waterproofing

How waterproof a tent will be is indicated by its “hydrostatic head” rating. This  is measured by pressing a column of water on the outer fabric of the tent and measuring when it starts to leak through - the height of the column when this happens is the hydrostatic head. The higher the number, the more waterproof the tent. Look at the technical details of each tent to find its hydrostatic head.

The minimum rating for a British tent to be classed as waterproof is 800mm but 1000mm is the minimum you’ll need to withstand a British summer, but it may not be enough should you find yourself in a downpour. 2000mm is adequate to withstand the usual British weather but if you need to rely on your tent in any conditions, go for a rating of 2500 – 3000mm or more, then you can be sure that it will keep you warm and dry through practically anything.

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