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Sleeping Bag Buyers' Guide

Whether you prefer a single or double sleeping bag, it is one of the most important pieces of camping gear you'll ever buys here’s a helpful guide about what types of sleeping bags are available and what you might want to get for your particular camping and hiking purposes.

The four season ratings are:
1 Season – Suitable for summer (unless you feel the cold)
2 Season – Spring and Summer
3 Season – Spring, Summer and Autumn
4 Season – All year round including Winter

The Winter Sleeping Bag

For real winter camping you reallyneed a bag is rated down to -20 (unless you mountaineering or ski-camping, for that you’ll need more insulation). It is always better to have a sleeping bag that's "a bit too warm" than "a bit to cold.
A winter sleeping bag should be goose down, have a good insulated hood as well as a draft collar. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on a bag if your plan to camping during winter.

Three-Season Sleeping Bag (spring, summer and autumn)

This is by far the most popular sleeping bag around and the most versatile. A good choice for camping in the UK if you want to make sure you’ll be warm even if you get chilly nights.


Sleeping bags are either synthetic or down filled. Synthetic sleeping bags are ideal in damper, warmer conditions, and are easy to clean and quick to dry if they get wet and are generally cheaper. However they are bulkier than down bags which can be important if space is a priority
For colder temperatures down filled sleeping bags are recommended. Down is very lightweight and easily compressed. However, they absorb moisture easily, and take longer to dry than synthetic sleeping bags so don’t get them wet. Down bags are more expensive but are advisable if you’re planning camp in colder weather.


There are two types of sleeping bag - the mummy shaped (coffin-shaped) or rectangular bags.
Mummy shaped sleeping bags are generally warmer – they stay closer to your body with less air-space between you and the bag. They also tend to be a bit lighter as there is less material.
Rectangular sleeping bags – In theory these are less efficient at keeping you warm but for those who like more leg room they can provide greater comfort as they cater for more sleeping positions. These are available as a single or double sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Liners

These are recommended by many people because they can provide an extra insulation layer and increase warmth. They are also handy to keep your sleeping bag clean, much easier to wash than tjhe bag. However, they can be awkward to set up inside the sleeping bag and get snarled up during the night.

Other features to consider:

Hood - provides added warmth and keeps your head snug.

Shoulder baffle: A shoulder or neck baffle helps to trap warm air inside the bag; these are usually not necessary on summer bags but useful in low temperatures.

Side Zips - Two way zips running the whole length enable you to let your feet cool down and allows you to vent your feet outside the bag in hot weather, check the zip has a anti-snag guard. Two single sleeping bags can often be zipped together to form a double sleeping bag.

Storage - When storing your bag it's best to put it in a storage bag or a pillow case as loosely as possible so it doesn’t get too compressed. Don’t use a plastic bag as it will trap moisture and could result in mildew.

Whatever your choice, whether you are looking for a single or double sleeping bag, we hope that you can find everything you need at Action & Adventure.